The End of Chaos

My knitting notions, things like stitch markers and holders and cable needles, scissors ,tape measure all needed to be kept together so I bought a little zip bag which I thought would suit.



It was sturdy and wouldn’t get dirty and the bits fitted in. Great you say what could be the problem – well my stash of useful things has grown as I search for ever more useful notions. They just got packed in until it was like this!!


And if I wanted to find something say for example a cable needle everything had to be emptied out as it was always at the bottom!! Not energy efficient I hear you say. This is what I kept in the bag –



Stitch markers, cable needles, crochet hooks, sewing and tapestry needles, large pins for sewing up, highlighter tape for charts, scissors, safety pins, pencil, scissors, rubber/eraser, tape measure and a whole lot more!!

This is CHAOS – there must be a better way, someone must have solved the problem, I searched and searched on the internet for ideas for a solution and really couldn’t find anything then suddenly the link I chose became a glimmer of hope and I investigated further…….



This is what I found!!!

And this is what it does…..


IMG_0636 IMG_0635


Everything in one place and easily accessible!!

I have returned from the edge of Chaos!!

Thank you Lena Brown ( ) You are a godsend.


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